11 Magical Phrases Every Kid Needs to Hear

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Among the thousands of words that we say to our children, there are several that make them stronger, smarter, kinder, and more self-confident. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Listabs.com collected 11 phrases that contribute to the harmonious development of children and make them happy.


Children unconsciously test us with their bad behavior. It’s as if they’re saying, “Will you love me even like this?“ The answer must be unambiguous: ”Of course I will! I’m happy I have you. If I could choose from all the children in the world, I would choose you.” This way you develop a healthy psyche in your child.


These 3 magic words are crucial for the healthy development of your child. It is also important to back your words up with actions: spending time together, playing, laughing and fooling around, blowing bubbles, hugging your baby, discussing his problems, and supporting him if necessary. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff


“Ah, your room is clean!“ ”Wow! The bed is made!“ “You’ve folded your clothes so neatly! Well done!” Such phrases help your child feel your support and faith in him. They make it clear that his efforts are appreciated. Also, any ”positive reinforcement” causes pleasant feelings and positive emotions, which causes the approved behavior to repeat.

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