10 Warning Signs in What Men Say

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First dates test your vision and can seem pretty much like job interviews. You try to learn more about your possible mate to be sure that you want to develop a relationship in the future. If you can listen properly and pay attention to the necessary details, you don’t need any probing questions. Just note which topics are the most frequent in a man’s speech.

Listabs.com knows the warning signs that indicate the wrong mate. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

1. His ex

Former relations are always tricky. If the date becomes the man’s deep analysis session, it’s a warning sign. It seems that he is stuck in his last romantic affair. Are you sure you want to listen to him complaining about his ex and become his shoulder to cry on?

2. Materialistic women

“All women have only the aim to seduce a rich guy and use his credit card!” If your admirer continues repeating this, he’s not for you. He may justify his being a bit greedy this way, and he may also demand that you constantly prove you don’t have any mercenary motives. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

3. His mother

Loving one’s parents is awesome, but there should be limits in demonstrating it, especially during the first date. Be at least slightly on alert if your companion speaks about his mother too often. The possibility of building an independent family in such a case is doubtful. It is more likely that your mother-in-law’s opinion will always have the leading role.

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