10 Strange Facts That Can Shake Up Your World

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4. An officer at the Louisiana Correctional Facility was so popular among the inmates that they threw a party for him.

An officer at the Louisiana Correctional Facility named John Whitley was so kind and fair to the inmates that they actually liked him a lot. For the years that John worked at the facility, he managed to decrease the amount of aggression, make a reward system for good behavior, help the inmates get an education, and make some serious changes.

For example, it was his idea to let the most trusted inmates leave prison to take part in sports competitions and other events. So it was no surprise that when Whitley decided to retire, his inmates threw a farewell party in his honor.

5. A Canadian man who was lost in the woods damaged the powerline so that the maintenance crew could find and rescue him.

An inhabitant of the Canadian province, Saskatchewan was fishing on his boat when a storm started right above the lake. The boat was moved to a place the fisherman was not familiar with and it got stuck in the bushes. The man couldn’t find his way out of the forest on his own and he had no idea where he was. He was desperate and made an unusual decision: he broke the powerline near him with an ax and waited for a helicopter to arrive and rescue him.

His thinking was right: the helicopter did arrive and rescue the man. However, he had to pay a fine for the damage and the fact that other people had to spend 30 hours without power. But life is way more important, isn’t it?

6. Coyotes can hunt with badgers.

In different fairytales, there are stories of friendship between different animals. For example, American Indians have fairytales about the friendship between coyotes and badgers which is actually real. Coyotes and badgers hunt together because they each have advantages that the other species doesn’t.

Badgers can catch prey in burrows and coyotes can’t do that, and coyotes can effectively chase animals on the ground. Additionally, coyotes have better vision, and badgers have a great sense of smell. So badgers can dig out small animals making them run away right to the paws of a coyote waiting nearby.

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