10 Strange Facts That Can Shake Up Your World

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There are many amazing things in this world like rainbows that can appear at night, coyotes that can be friends with badgers and scammers that get scammed. In other words, nature, people, and animals can always amaze us and we try to amaze our readers with them! cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Listabs.com has prepared a new compilation of interesting facts about our world and the lives of its inhabitants.

1. Orangutan males can be attracted to women with red hair.

Orangutans have a funny trait: males sometimes show attention not only to females but also to women if they have red hair (just like the apes themselves). For example, orangutan Hsing Hsing from an Australian zoo has once stolen a photo of Nicole Kidman from a magazine and brought it to its home. Apparently, he liked her very much. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

2. The fraudsters who sold a fake painting for $1.7 million were paid with counterfeit bills.

If there were a competition for the unluckiest couple of fraudsters in history, these 2 men from Spain would win it. In 2003, they arranged to sell a fake painting by Goya but in fact, it was painted by a Spanish artist named Antonio María Esquivel.

The buyer, “a rich Arabian sheik” was working with a middleman who asked the sellers for a commission of $300,000. It is strange but the fraudsters didn’t suspect anything and borrowed this money from a person they knew and went to make the deal.

Initially, the men were going to sell the painting for 4 million CHF but they ended up with only 1.7 million CHF (which is around $1.7 million). The problem was that the money was fake just like the painting. The men were arrested when they tried to deposit the money to a bank account and the middleman was never found.

3. In Australia, an episode of Peppa Pig was banned because it taught children not to be scared of spiders.

A pretty harmless episode of this children’s show was banned in Australia after many parents complained that it misinformed their children telling them that there was nothing scary about spiders. The thing is, in Australia, there are spiders that are much more dangerous and deadly than the ones people see in Europe and America. You should be really careful with them.

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