10 Simple Tricks to Boost Your Smartphone Photography

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Use Principles of Composition

A lot of the things that come intuitively when you’re trying to compose a scene actually don’t make for great photographs. Putting the horizon in the middle of a scene, for example, creates a strangely unbalanced photo, where the viewer isn’t sure whether to look at the ground or the sky first. Learning a few basic rules of composition can make a huge difference in your photography.

Read about these five different rules of composition, and try to apply them in your next smartphone photo. If you only take away one thing from that article, let it be the rule of thirds: place important items in your photos about a third of the way in from one of the sides (top, bottom, left, or right) of your picture. It will drastically improve your pictures immediately. Also, remember that cropping can improve your composition; if you have a photo that has poor composition, a simple crop can turn it into a masterpiece.

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