10+ Personal Hygiene Mistakes People Make Every Day

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Who would have thought that the little details we don’t pay attention to could prevent us from ideal health and complete happiness? You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see the results of no longer making these common mistakes! cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

We at Listabs.com are glad to share with you habits you should stop following. Grab a piece of paper and a pen!

1. Biting your nails as a way to cope with stress.

Sometimes nail biting can be caused by emotional or mental stress and used as a way to overcome these feelings. You can also bite your nails without even thinking of it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work well for your appearance and health. This habit isn’t a reason to be proud, but giving it up is. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

2. Cotton swabs as a way to clean your ears.

Most of us believe that Q-tips help us to clean our ears. However, what people do when using them is the exact opposite; excess wax is pushed in, which causes more harm than good. As a result, cotton swabs can be a major reason for damaging the eardrum, hearing loss, and so on. Medical experts advise you to see a doctor in case you really have a problem.

3. Not washing your hands after using a restroom.

According to this research, people tend to not wash their hands after using a restroom. The majority of these people believe it’s not important and is just a waste of their time. However, washing hands is the best and easiest way to prevent yourself from getting sick.

4. Not changing your toothbrush for a long time.

Wet toothbrushes can collect several bacteria in as little as one month, which can be harmful to your health. Dentists recommend changing our toothbrush every 2-3 months because using the same one for more than 3 months can have some serious health troubles, which can lead to, among other things, heart disease.

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