10 Hidden Things In Video Games That Weren’t Found For Years

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Every video game contains hidden secrets and Easter eggs. As a player, finding them is never a small feat. Even if they are easy to spot, it always feels like you’ve discovered something special that you were never intended to see.

Sometimes developers put these secrets in places that are hard to reach, but most Easter eggs are found pretty quickly — especially nowadays, when the ins-and-outs of every video game can be learned with a quick internet search. These secrets, though? These are some of the rarest, most well-hidden secrets in the history of video games. Pc gaming, Pc gaming, Pc gaming

It has taken gamers decades to find some of these treasures. Not only are these Easter eggs super obscure, but many of them were never meant to be found by the player. Whether it’s a well-hidden reference, a secret item, a shocking glitch, or a newly-explorable area, these hidden gems were so hard to find that some developers thought that they would never be seen by anyone! Have no fear, completists, because we’re here to help.

For this list, we’ve collected some of the most obscure long-standing video game secrets in the entire world. The list spans generations in technology, and sometimes the secrets are so complex that they lead outside of the game world itself. Seriously, some of these are so crazy that you’ll wonder how anybody ever thought to look for them in the first place.

Think you’ve found them all? Here are 10 Hidden Things In Video Games That Weren’t Found For Years. Pc gaming, Pc gaming, Pc gaming


Arkham Asylum is chock-full of Easter eggs and references. If you’re a DC comics fan or a Batman aficionado, these can be quite easy to catch. However, this one is so hard to find that players may never have never found it had the development studio not leaked its existence nearly three years later.

In Warden Sharp’s office, there’s an unmarked wall.

It’s totally inconspicuous and Batman’s detective vision (which usually lets the player see through breakable walls) will register it as any other ordinary wall. However, detonating explosives on the wall will unveil a hidden room. In this room is a number of references to Arkham Asylum’s sequel, Arkham City.

Rocksteady Studios teased Arkham City years before its release. Because nobody found the room, nobody noticed. Pc gaming, Pc gaming, Pc gaming


The Halo series is infamous for its collectable secret skulls that unlock gameplay modifiers, but this secret was a little bit different. Bungie coder Adrien Perez wanted to leave a message for his wife Lauren in his company’s newest project.

Starting a single-player level in Halo 3 and holding down the thumbsticks will reveal “Happy Birthday Lauren!” in the loading screen’s ring. How sweet! This can only be seen on December 25th of any given year, so either break out your copy of Halo 3 next Christmas or set your console’s date and time accordingly.

It’s a cute little Easter egg that went unnoticed for many years, but let’s hope that Lauren really was the first person to discover it!

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