10 Graphic Design Hacks that’ll Make You a PRO Designer Overnight!

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7. Crop Images to Maximize Copy Space

Copy space refers to empty areas within images.

When searching for background images, look for ones with ample copy space that you can use to overlay text. Or, to create more white space, try enlarging your images.

8. Choose Consistent Elements to Enhance Your Branding

Consistency is one of the important skills brands must master when using colors, fonts, logos & images.

These 3 designs feature a consistent layout seen through the repetitive placement of text, use of typefaces & color palette.

This helps achieve visual recognition — which is an important element of your company’s communication with the world.

9. Design Visual Assets for Social Media

Along with posting regularly to social media, designing visual assets for elements such as your profile picture & cover image is essential.

Visual principles apply just as much to social media as they do everywhere else.

In the example above, the Facebook cover & profile picture complement each other. The purple logo was color matched with the background image.

10. Design Themed Presentations

Do you need to create presentations at work or school?

Great design can help your ideas stand out & read effectively — improving your ability to become a great communicator.

In the slides above, the layout, use of fonts & photo filter were all applied consistently.

Changing the size of the text also helped create typographic hierarchy, which refers to the order the text is read.

How You Can Apply These Skills

Visual communication is as important as literacy in today’s workplace!

Now Canva’s Design School can help you develop your visual voice & understand basic graphic design skills, even if you don’t have any previous design training.

So what do you think? Like what you see?

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