10 Easy-to-Use Photo Editing Programs for Newbie Photographers

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3. SnagIt

Even though they are surrounded by free rivals, TechSmith seem to think that SnagIt is worth $50. (I was utterly mad — can I get a refund?) But in its defense, the screenshots are 100% perfect, and the program has never failed me once in five years. One thing that does tick me off though is that once you buy it, you are not entitled to free upgrades. An upgrade costs $25!

The current version is tightly integrated with all other TechSmith products, such as Camtasia and Jing. You can also upload to Google Drive and Microsoft Office, record your screen, and edit your screencast by trimming out the parts you don’t need. Blur sensitive details, highlight important parts, and annotate the screenshot.

They also have a mobile app called Fuse for Android and iOS, which sends all of your mobile photos directly to the SnagIt editor.

4. FastStone

At first glance, you would be forgiven for thinking that this was Windows Explorer, as it does bear some similarity with its yellow folder tree-like structure. However, this image editing app boasts some impressive features, and once again, it’s completely gratis.

As well as covering all of the usual image formats, FastStone also covers a wide range of RAW image formats from all of the major camera manufacturers. You can then crop and resize your images, as well as apply the usual filters (red-eye removal, color adjustments), flatbed scanner support, ability to edit EXIF data, batch processing to rename and resize quickly, a portable version, and a huge amount more.

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