10 Easy-to-Use Photo Editing Programs for Newbie Photographers

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Ever since Steve Jobs slapped a camera onto the iPhone, everyone has become a budding photographer. Before, you had to buy a roll of film and carefully take your shots (so you didn’t waste any), then take it to the shop to be developed (which would take days). Fast forward to today, when you can just snap away to your heart’s content, delete the ones you want, and not have to wait to see your creations.

But just because you have a camera, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you are automatically a great photographer. Any half-wit can point and press a button. While some photos are works of art, others need some editing — or a LOT of editing — and I’m not just talking about slapping on an Instagram filter.

1. Photoscape

While many photo editing programs have interfaces that are similar to Photoshop, this app goes a completely different way. It aims to be easy for beginners, and once you get the hang of the interface, you’ll have a lot of power at your fingertips!

Along with all of the features you’d expect from a photo editor, you also get built-in capabilities for creating collages, animated GIFs, batch editing, screen capture, and more. There’s also support for RAW files.

This is a unique app with a lot of features that will likely be getting more popular now that Picasa’s gone!

2. IrfanView

Irfanview is an oldie but also a firm favorite among my journalistic friends and colleagues. I personally use SnagIt, but since SnagIt costs $50 many people who don’t need to do a lot of image editing can make do with Irfanview which is completely free. Plus you could argue that Irfanview offers heaps more features than SnagIt.

Which makes me ask myself: Why the hell did I pay $50 for SnagIt? Temporary insanity?

The top feature that I like is batch conversions. You can rename a huge number of files in seconds, as well as resize them. That alone makes it my best friend. You can also scan directly from a flatbed scanner, make screenshots, set a wallpaper, and install plugins to extend the features even more.

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