10 Common Mistakes In Long Exposure Photography You Can Avoid

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Over the years I have had a lot of fun shooting long exposures on film and also digital using full Neutral Density Filters. Like everything it has a learning curve that you have to accept through trial and error, but reading through tutorials and articles like this I hope to iron out some of the oversights beginners or even experienced photographers can make or overlook, I know I still do from time to time that’s for sure.

The whole idea of long exposure photography is to get a correctly exposed image that is nice and sharp and free from any additional movement or in camera issues that can be avoided. So in this article, I am going to outline for you 10 common mistakes you can make when you’re shooting long exposure images.


The whole purpose of your camera lenses image stabilising system is to detect movement while taking the photo and countering that so you get the sharpest image possible. When we are doing long exposure photography your camera and its lens are mounted to a sturdy tripod to eliminate all movement. So if your shooting images with the Image Stabilising system turned on then your camera lens is going to activate the system and you’re going to have an image that has some form of movement in it, no matter how slight.
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