10 Amazing Things Deleted From Pokémon Gold And Silver (That Would Have Changed Everything)

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Pokémon Red & Blue had a tumultuous development due to the scope of what Game Freak was trying to accomplish on a Game Boy cartridge. Pokémon Gold & Silver had an even harder development, as the series became an international sensation overnight and the games had become the most anticipated Nintendo titles of the time, so all eyes were focused on its production.

Pokémon Gold & Silver went through numerous revisions throughout its development, which led to its release being delayed. When the games were finally released, they proved to be the sequel to Pokémon Red & Blue that everyone had been asking for, even if it was clear that parts of the game seemed conspicuously bare. PC gaming, PC gaming, PC gaming

Fans have sifted through the files of Pokémon Gold & Silver and discovered all kinds of intriguing secrets that were never meant to be seen by the player.

The number of cut pieces of content from Pokémon Gold & Silver ballooned in 2018, when a demo of the games from the Space World ’97 event leaked online. This came from an earlier build of the games that was very different than the finished title. Mobile gaming, Mobile gaming, Mobile gaming

We are here today to look at how Pokémon Gold & Silver could have been very different – from the existence of Ash Ketchum within the Pokémon world, to Kanto shrinking down to the size of a city.

Here are Ten Amazing Things Deleted From Pokémon Gold And Silver (That Would Have Changed Everything)

1. The Pokémon Anime Almost Existed Within The The Game World

It was tempting for players of Pokémon Red & Blue to name their character Ash and their rival Gary. This was because they wanted to live their own version of Ash’s Pokémon journey, where he was actually good at being a trainer and where they could put the overconfident Gary Oak in his place. PC gaming, PC gaming, PC gaming

The beta version of Pokémon Gold & Silver was going to make the Pokémon anime canon within the world of the games, as the player was going to be able to watch “Primeape Goes Bananas” on their TV, with Ash (or Satoshi as he is known in Japan) being referenced by name.

2. The Safari Zone Almost Returned

The Safari Zone was the bane of the player in Pokémon Red & Blue, due to the fact that it contained some of the best Pokémon for competitive battling (like Chansey and Tauros) but they were incredibly rare and you had to rely on the infuriating method of capturing Pokémon that only existed in the Safari Zone.  PC gaming, PC gaming, PC gaming

It seems that a Safari Zone was planned to return in Pokémon Gold & Silver, as there are several incomplete maps for one hidden within the files of the game. These maps are unfinished, suggesting that they were cut at an early point in development.

The Safari Zone would make an appearance in Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver.

3. The Honey Mechanic From Diamond & Pearl Was Going To Debut

Pokémon Diamond & Pearl introduced the Honey mechanic to the series. There were several trees in Sinnoh that you could smear with Honey, which you could then return to at a later date in order to catch unique Pokémon that had been attracted by the scent. Mobile gaming, Mobile gaming, Mobile gaming

The Honey mechanic was planned to appear in Pokémon Gold & Silver, as there is unused text within the files of the game that explains how you can smear it on trees in order to attract wild Pokémon. It was referred to as Sweet Honey during the early stages of development.

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